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A person from Arabia (f.e. UAE) playing online games that lacks skill in the game and/or is not able to speak english.

The e-rab is a spoiled brat and filthy rich because daddy owns an oilrig.

Note that not all arabs online are e-rabs.
yesterday I was forced to play with a clan of e-rabs in MW2, we lost because all they could do was pray to allah and die.
by SinterklaaZ June 26, 2010
Street slang for "douchebag"
1-Were you at the party the other night?
2-Ya, why?
1-Did you see that total E-rab in the corner puffing on the swisher?
2-Hahaha ya, I was laughing so hard at him.
by T1D3S July 18, 2009
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