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When you're instant messaging, e-mailing, etc. and you the person your talking to is crying or sad you say this to make them feel better.
Jill: Oh emm gee my boyfriend just broke up with me.
Jack: O I'm really sorry..E-HUG
by toon squad February 07, 2006
An electronic image of a hug created by using common keyboard symbols. Commonly used to give the calming effects of a hug over the internet.

The eyes of the 2 indiviuals are created with "O" and/or "o".
The mouths are created by "_"
The edge of the bodies are created with "( )"
The arms are created with ">"

It looks like this:

(>O_o)> (o_O )
Jamie: "I need a hug"

James: ‎(>O_o)> (o_O )

Jamie: "Thanks for the e-Hug. I feel much better now."
by Hey, Its my pseudonym!! July 31, 2011
Hugs given to another through email. Usually a valediction offered at the end of the email instead of sincerely, regards, etc.
Sandy, I really miss you and wish you were here.


by cr1pro March 30, 2013
the process of passing yourself out while under the effects of the Ecstasy. This process is carried on by several deep breaths gradually going faster. Inhale through mouth, exhale through nose. You will feel tingly and shaky. You lean back on your arms and eventually fall on your back, you wake up and won't know where you are for the first 5-10 seconds. Usually followed by a rush of good feeling.
After that e-hug, I felt very relaxed.

by patu December 27, 2007
When someone is on ecstacy you have them breath quickly to get light headed then you apply pressure to their chest while they hold their breath until the pass out, produces a short extremely euphoric effect.
I'm rollin balls dude gimme an e-hug.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
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