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Verb. Refers to the act of evesdropping specific to e-mails. Reading the e-mails of others unbekownst to them . Can be innocent (similarly to when one overhears conversations of strangers ), or done with intent through hacking or by guessing a password. The act of accessing another individuals e-mail account. ( Some service providers offer web access to mail boxes, which means a persons mail traffic can potentially be monitored by a third party )
I was in this internet café and this beautiful girl left in a hurry without logging out from Hotmail..I could not resist e-dropping and reading the last few e-mails in her account...Then I felt ashamed and logged out for her. I've never seen her again.
Example #2 : I knew my boss could access my outlook express,so I deleted my personal e-mails at the end of each shift so he could not read my mail after me. I was not aware,though, that my boss had administrative access to my e-mail account through the web server , and he did not tell me that he regularly read my mail BEFORE I received it. I always had this feeling he knew way too much about my life.The paranoid prick was obsessively
by Andrew Macfarlane July 28, 2007
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