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A male who constantly uses a female persona/nickname online. Usually an e-drag queen can be found in lesbian chat rooms trying to convince the actual women (or other e-drag queens in there) that he is infact a woman and wants to have cyber sex with them, exchange pics and sometimes even cam. More often than not when these e-drag queens are looking for Cam 2 Cam, they come up with "oh my cam isn't working at the moment" to make sure that they aren't caught.
More often than not, these e-drag queens usually end up cybering eachother thinking that they are the only one who is clever enough to think of such a devious idea.
*Bobby_Jr is now known as Ria
<Ria> I'm in my mid 40's is that okay with you?
<Sarah16Cali> I guess so
<Ria> I've been coming in here for years, and I think I can trust you so I'll tell you something.
<Sarah16Cali> what's that?
<Ria> My real name is Bob. They all think I'm a real woman haha.
<Sarah16Cali> ewww you're an e-drag queen!!
by UnregisteredNinja February 12, 2009
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