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Someone you know through email or online chat, but would not recognize face-to-face.
Upon meeting his e-cquaintance in person, Joe was suprised to see she had no legs...
by HansDaddy December 07, 2005
also: ecquaintance, e-quaintance, or more informally, equaintance
1. An online acquaintance, regardless of whether you chat via text, voice, or video chat, and/or would recognize them in person.

2. Someone with whom you have acquainted, or continue to online, but have neither met, nor perceive - first and foremost - to be a friend, significant other, or another intimate relation.
3. A casual friend with whom you mostly or only interact online, who neither is nor was a close friend. e.g. most facebook friends
4. Someone with whom you would, will, or intend to meet in person, but whom you haven't met yet.
5. An a.i. acquaintance.
6. Siri
Pleasure to make your electronic e-cquaintance!
Oh Jennifer? I don't really know her; we're just Facebook e-cquaintances.
We've been ecquainting for weeks ... let's meet!
by danpianoman November 09, 2015
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