A person who online or in email, has the courage to say things that he/she wouldn't have the courage to say in real life.
Bob has a lot of ecourage with the mean and degrading things he says online and in emails, but in person he is quiet and unconfrontational.
by D3athcl0ud March 19, 2010
Top Definition
the unexplainable affect that the internet has in increasing the amount of one's courage and gall. for example is the trash talking which goes on during video games, even though in real life you most likely would not be heard saying those things to other people.
dude, the guy has hella e-courage, for talking so much smack.
by brandon wong July 24, 2006
When someone will send flirty emails and texts, acting like they are interested in you, but when you hang out in person they act all nonchalant and never indicate they are interested in you.
I went out to the movies with that guy last weekend but he never tried to make a move or anything. But then, when I was driving home, he sent me a text talking about how great I am and how much he likes me. Why do I keep meeting guys who only have eCourage??
by Copychick7 July 23, 2008
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