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To show dominance through the internet.
Kid on video game server: "Anybody else got a mic?"
Obnoxious guy: "Haha look at this little fag, go back to finger-painting!"
Cool Guy: "Shut up, stop E-Humping that kid!"
Everybody in the entire universe except for obnoxious guy: "HAHAHAHA YEAH OBNOXIOUS GUY, MORE LIKE OBNOXIOUS GAY HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"
by Njlamp December 16, 2014
A hunch formed on your back from taking the drug Ecstasy. Ecstasy is commonly known to give users back problems, an "e hump" is the effects on your spine from taking Ecstasy.
Oh my! You're gunna have to stop doing ecstasy.. Look at the e hump you're getting!
by UnknownUser August 02, 2005

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