DW'd is when you have just had a photoshoot on your car, not to be mistaken for DW'ing which is a totlay different thing all together.
Wow ur motors been DW'd at livicruise m8
by Derek Whittingham November 08, 2007
Driving While Driving. Refers to being pulled over by a cop for no good reason, either because said cop is just an asshole or for the purpose of issuing a ticket so the municipality can collect revenue. St. George, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb, is notorious for the latter. And the former, too, for that matter.
Stay out of St. George at all costs. The cops are lurking everywhere and love to pull people over for DWD.
by Woody Thomas September 16, 2007
do-able while drunk
shes not that cute but do-able while drunk DWD
by coxinator April 19, 2011
Decrease with distance
You might be walking down the street with your mates and you see a group of chics walking towards you. Ho Hum, a collective wave of anticipation rifles through your group but as you finally get close enough to properly inspect the approaching chics, you realise they are all ugly. They are what you would call DWD’s…. (Decrease With Distance)
by i have a pen August 28, 2008

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