Taking a dump during another country's national anthem.
Is that The Star-Spangled Banner? I'll be back in a minute, I need to take a dwayne wade.
by BurnHavoc May 14, 2016
most exciting, elusive, explosive player in the history of the NBA! also the greatest crossover ever.
the only player who can lead the league in 3 point plays, even though he'll only make 20 of them from beyond the arc.
by jfire February 05, 2005
*see Dwyane Wade pack Amare Stoudamire and launch a 65 footer at the buzzer*
*hear SWOOSH*
by jfire March 27, 2005
the dwizzler. d-dubs. flash.

the definitions of dwayne wade and the word "super-awesome" are very similar.
holy mother of god, dwayne wade just came into my room and dunked on my face.

i have been devastated.
by heat_baller May 04, 2005
The next Michael Jordan, who has great handles along with incredible moves. Also has the abiility to take over a game at will.
"Damn man the Heat are down 50."

"Don't worry man Dwyane is about to get on the court."
by DWade January 24, 2005
the next jordan, flash, d-wizzle the best basketball player that plays now, you spell his name dywane wade but he's not overrated and you would know that he if you ever watched a heat game...wade is sick
Wade with the pass to shaq, the give and go the reverse jam by dwade wow, he's amazing
by PigBenis2010 January 27, 2005
one of the greatest players of all time and in my opinion should be considered for MVP of the NBA in the 2004-2005 season. he makes everyone on his team better, while still managing to make amazing no-look baskets and last second shots and shots from 65 feet out.
The game is tied they get it to wade with 7 seconds left. he dribbles in takes the fade away....IT'S GOOD the heat beat the Knicks
by Pigbenis2010 March 28, 2005
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