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Unbelieveable. Highly skilled with amazing speed, agility, and toughness. Four state titles in five years, enough said. Even if they did go west they're number 7 in the nation. Though some are arrogant(Nixon and Quinzani carry the team and some think they are the shit at lax), they still have All-Americans Fuchs, Casey, and Schnibbe. Next year they won't be as good, but they'll still dominate the state because it's Duxbury. Get over it. Duxbury dominates in MA lax. GET UP!
Some team from MA lax coach: Alright let's just try to stay somewhat close to Duxbury.
*they lose, miserably*
coach: well, it was Duxbury lax let's just go home and do whatever we do in our ghetto town
by Mass athlete July 23, 2006
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extremly good but extremly gay team would b nothing without max and nixon all the rest of the kids think they are way better then they really are i'm sick of hearin about them lax is not good in mass they arent that good would get killd if they went west
#4 27 30 and 24 the gayest kids ever
by sean #5 April 23, 2005
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