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you put your hand on your dick. while you have another friend work your arm for you.. It's completely not gay.. its you getting wanked by a friend.
Jeff_Damaori: Danny, will you give you give me a dutch runner?
Danny: Of course.. Want to do a double dutch?
by LocaL_tiger January 01, 2009
occurs while a male is holding is penis and another person, either male or female, moves his fore-arm in an up and down motion as to cause "second hand masturbation", however if a male is giving another male a dutch runner neither male is gay unless they are engaging in a double-dutch-runner
Shelly walked in on Tom giving Neil a dutch-runner.
by rjg5102 December 16, 2008
Masturbation in such a manner as the masturbatee holds his own member while someone else (the mastubator) works the arm.
My arm was really tired last night so Jennifer gave me a dutch runner.
by heyoot November 19, 2008