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1) (adjective) when, a day or so after shaving,a person has the very faintest of hairs growing through on the upper lip, not enough to call a real moustache, but too noticeable not to have its own name.

2) (verb) to give someone a dusty moustache: a dusty moustache is given by someone who has not wiped their bum after going to the toilet for several days, the poo becomes crusty, and when farted on to the face of an unsuspecting sleeping victim, creates a moustache made of poo dust across the receivers upper lip

3) (noun) gwen stefani
1) i understand it took howard moon one month to grow that dusty moustache

2) dave and terry were returning from reading festival where they had had a lot of fun, but run out of toilet roll, terry fell asleep on the train and dave thought it would be funny to give him a dusty moustache

3) speaks for itself really.. gwen stefani is made of crusty poo
by seanymcsean November 21, 2006
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