someone who no one likes and wants to talk to
Adam is a big dushbag big big big dushbag
by Joseph poop November 07, 2006
a person who is cocky or a jerk
gage is such a dush bag
by joe December 13, 2003
someone that you don’t particularly like, or dislike, but that person you know, who listens, but never hears.
Lendz is a real Dushbag.
by Lendz Elliott August 27, 2008
A gay word used in Chicago, another word for looser, or lame.
People from Chicago are stupid, their slang is retarted.
They call;
Cigarettes: Squares (WTF)
Lame: Dushbag (WTF)
Freeway: Express Way (WTF)
Pizza Hot Pocket: Pizza Puff (WTF)
Soda: Pop (WTF)
something that sucks: Bogus (WTF)

Example: "Yeah bro, before I went on the express way, I smoked a square, ate a pizza puff, and drank some pop. This dushbag told me I was gay.Oh my god, that was all bogus about it.
by C-Nitty November 30, 2006
a dirty dirty slut.
Stokka's hott sister, is a dushbag.
by sam hoekstra February 08, 2004
bag where you hold the pussy juice
the dushbag is full
by joHE December 10, 2003
cheesy piss flaps
Fowksey, you have some damn cheesy piss flaps
by Myles Wain January 14, 2004
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