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The Wilkins spelling of the word "drunk"
hey man are you durnk?
by hughjadick2345 July 16, 2011
10 3
how you spell drunk when you're drunk
mab ifm durnk
by Cleveland March 14, 2004
75 7
An extremely high level of alcohol intoxication. The origin of the word comes from a common typo (someone trying to type drunk) that occurs while the person typing is intoxicated. Variations of the word include "Slam Durnk" and "three sixty windmill slam durnk."
Dude, I just downed a half bottle of vodka. Im so durnk.
by PeeJayDubs July 14, 2006
43 14
The act of getting super drunk
Dude, Melissa and Katie had a sick glowstick baton fight after they got durnk
by intoxicatingjerk January 30, 2011
2 3
Not the act of being drunk.

The act of being sober, but very deprived of sleep.
HAHA you are so durnk.
by Goofygirly309 August 14, 2010
4 12