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you dont want to know (the real definiton of a dungeon bounce is so horrific that it cannot be explained in words)
"whats your test score"
"its like a dungeon bounce you dont want to know"
by obrien November 06, 2006
You don't want to know. The real definition is horrible, and should not be heard by any human ears. Only select people of Naperville, Illinois know this real definition, and nearly 95% of these people have had diarrhea, Sickness of the stomach, and in some cases death. Though it may be spread around in the future to the point where everybody knows, it is remained a secret. Created by Jeff Kreger
How was your day??

Dungeon Bounce

Do you like me...??

Dungeon Bounce

Do i look fat in this dress..??

Dungeon Bounce, you don't want to know
by Jeff Kreger February 15, 2007
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