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aka poopshoot or arse. passage for human waste with puckered end for crimping.
i hear that julie chester takes it right up the dung funnel.
by Simon September 17, 2003
to insert the penis into a womans, or mans, anus
She takes it up the dungfunnel
by phil April 03, 2005
A term for someone's anus, arsehole, poop chute, bumhole, bunghole, backdoor, chocolate speedway, etc. Most commonly used in a derogatory homosexual context.
That Grant is such a homo he's always doing blokes up the dungfunnel.
by Donny Dugong July 10, 2008
The poop shute, the dark side, anal intrusion with the miner's light on.
A dung funnel is commonly use in porn when all other holes are in use. A boab in the bums worth two in the bush.
by theraider January 17, 2009
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