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painful. At least wait until you see them tomorrow or call them and talk. The giver, an easy way of ridding themselves of a person who still likes/loves them and not having to deal with the look that they'll get and/or tears and/or death threats and Hell exploding. They usually don't text back to what their ex replies, leaving the receiver very confused and wondering, 'what did I do??!' For the receiver, harsh. This person may/will feel depressed for a time, ranging from a millisecond to the rest of their life. This person is usually comforted by people she/he hardly knows. Almost everyone you see is on your side, even your now ex's family. The giver, receiver, neither, or both will give their now ex's number to friends. Then the giver will receive death threats and what the hell is wrong with you? texts, over and over again. The receiver will receive texts from their ex's freinds being immature Dr. Phil's. Others will text the receiver asking them out now that they know they are single or trying to make them feel creepily wanted. The receiver will also want to think that the text was sent as a joke from one of their friends, but know that it's real. However it works out, the two don't usually talk to eachother for a while.
After I was dumped by text, I as the receiver got many texts from his friends telling me that I was their friends, my now ex was wrong, and they were my friend or in love with me. Everyone at the dance heard about it and said that they were sorry for me in at least fifteen minutes of the breakup. His friends told me to say the word and they would make him regret every letter he texted into his phone to make up that text. Another of his friends, the one who had hooked us up, said that he was now not gonna drop his title as the "love doctor" because he didn't wanna hook up innocent, loving girls with assholes who couldn't even break up with them face-to-face.
by cookee monsta December 26, 2009
to dump someone by text message
Fed got dumped by text! Brittany is hot and single again!
by You C November 10, 2006
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