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Multiple individuals taking dumps in rapid succession in the same toilet, without flushing, in an attempt to create a mountain of poo that "crests" the water level in the toilet bowl. Although cresting is desirable, it is a non-essential part of running a dump train, especially if the only dumps that can be mustered are liquid in nature. Typically, a dump train requires 5 or more participants, although fewer may be necessary if explosive diarrhea is involved.
We spent $75 at Taco Bell last night just so we could run a dump train on our neighbor's apartment.
by dumptastic October 26, 2008
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The act of multiple individuals taking a dump in the same toilet in rapid succession without flushing.
The janitor complained to school officials after we ran a dump train on our high school's bathroom.
by heavyc725 November 13, 2008

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