A parent friendly version of dumb ass that I created. Now everyone is stealing it...
your a dumb butt...
by Cassandra March 27, 2004
Top Definition
can be used as a less offensive term for dumbass; a stupid or dumb person.
You're such a freaking dumbbutt!
by Me_Myself_&I April 20, 2009
This is like calling someone a dumb-ass but it is school-appropriate. It is used to tell someone that they are stupid. Yay for being school-appropriate!
My GOSH, Brittany, you are SUCH a dumb-butt!
by bootsa81 February 22, 2005
1. something or someone that is considered to be unfair in a way
2. someone who is considered to be ridiculous or that has a butt that is dumb
1. The students thought the teacher's way of grading was dumbbutt.
2. The dumbbutt dinosaur ran right towards the meteor that was about to kill it.
by Spongesquid27 February 11, 2014
a person with a dumb butt. Usually a big butt. lol.
look at jon... he has such a dumb butt!
your such a dumb butt
by fred December 05, 2003
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