(noun) To pretend to be dumber than you are or more ignorant. Used as a defense mechanism when people want to get information out of you or when they want you to do something you don't want to. You can pretend you're too stupid to know what they're talking about. The origin of this term is from black slaves trying to get out of punishments.
"The police asked me if I'd seen anyone rob the 7-11 and I just played the dumb nigger and they left me alone."
#dumb nigger #dumb nigging it #feigned ignorance #protec' y'self #diversion #aversion
by Thomas Banks May 09, 2008
Top Definition
One hell of an oxymoron. Both mean the same
Man thats one dumb nigger. its like saying thats one gay fag or a stupid idiot.
#lazy minded #idiot #dumb ass #douche bag #stupid
by MICK-D November 23, 2007
a fucked up black person who eats chicken all day.
Is that all you eat you dumb nigger...
#nigger #nigga #niga #niger #dumb negro
by Job Genovese July 19, 2006
all socially competitive individuals at a point of unique dissonance within the common view.
Whitney and Bobby are some dumb niggers.
#niggard #niggardly #renege #negate #niger #dumbwaiter
by G. Arthur G. May 29, 2008
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