one who provides beer
by Laura D April 24, 2003
A former regular at the now non-existent TFC server Edmonton Elite, which ran and had its heyday several months before the collapse of the World Opponent Network for all half-life games until they would only be accessable officially through Steam.

Duffman started out as a fair person, until he started getting jaded as he got closer to winning admin powers, from which point he became hypocritical, excessively stubborn, self-righteous, and saw things only from his Pov. See egotist. Not much is known from his reign as an admin of said server, although more than likely he still had these same traits, stubborn as he is.
He tried to be a good person but still failed at it, as his ego has got the best of him, and his stubborness
Duffman is not worthy of being named the Duff-man from the Simpsons
by Lethys March 09, 2006
Duffman - Quite possibly the gayest mascot ever to be made in history....period.!
by Alex McCaffery December 15, 2010
Someone who takes it up the Duffer
John is a Duff Man
by bob May 23, 2004
Started off as (Hillary) Duff's Man, but shortened to Duffman to make reference to the mascot.

Stating that one is worthy of Hillary Duff's companionship.
I wanna be her duffman!
by Tman November 22, 2004

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