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adj.slang.USA. The finest of its kind.
The word originated from the shortening of Duesenburg which was the American built limousine of the 1920's & 1930's. The Duesenburg was then the finest vehicle of its kind that money could buy.
"When he fell over it was a duesy"
by Fish January 06, 2005
a fat kid with really bad lisp.
guy 1: dude..... maybe you should stop, thats your 6th burger!

guy 2 (duesy): thut up man, thime thuckin thungry as thell.
#lisp #duesbout #fat #hungry #kid
by an 8th grader you know February 05, 2008
a Female gamer who pwns all boyz!
Duesy Pwned them all and won the game!
You have been Duesied!
#duesy #deusy #deusers #whataduesy #duesys
by Marvin255 May 20, 2006
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