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There are two possible uses for this word, one as a derogatory term, and the other as an even more derogatory term.
1. A duck.
2. A wannabe duck. Nobody likes him, he ain't got no friends, he ain't good at anything. Its amazing what he can do. The reason its amazing is because its a philosophical mystery yet to be solved. The worst term you can call anyone.

Synonyms: Froobpopsicle Loserpants, Loser, stupid, queerdo, weirdo, eew, tardpopsicle, jewbpsopsicle, his froobiness.
Check out that loner. Thats what you call a real duckie duck.

Hey, lets go to the pond! I hear there are duckie ducks there.
by Goosie Goose December 21, 2010

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