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A quote on Austin Powers. Kelly Clarkson made it famous by saying it on the hit TV show, American Idol.
"Ducka Ducka Ducka!"
"What the heck was that?"
"I dunno."
by ....A Girl.... February 07, 2006
A three phrased word meaning "has to deal with nothing"
When nothing at all is apparent or making since. Used in context when you listen to someone talk, but can not remember what they were saying.

Also known as the phase out system. Sounds good in speech and an easy way to tell your listener that you weren't listening to the conversation without making them mad.
Ex 1: You know this guy was trying to hit on me and he was like "Ducka Ducka Ducka"!

Ex 2: Did you hear what that Bitch said? she was twisting her head and yanking her arms, talking like "ducka ducka ducka"!

Ex 3: What the ducka ducka was that?
by Shawty_Wanardy June 26, 2010
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