What you do when you're bored in Boston. It's funny! ;)
He quacked at me. He was on a duck tour.
by Sandy Candy April 14, 2006
Top Definition
All the fuckers in beantown drivin around on a mini fuckin tank, quakin their asses off at the locals.
Hey look a duck tours!

Shit...where's my duck hunting gun?
by sophoric April 10, 2008
A diversion that appeals to fat mutant disgusting sexless claymation land beast dragon bitches like Sandy Candy. That Sylvester and Tweety t-shirt accentuates the hideous lumpy sacks of greasy adipose tissue you call tits so well. As soon as that latest hellspun offspring slides out of your leaky, gaping roast beef curtains, you'll have time to go back to the Vineyard and have your picture taken at Dyke Bridge pretending to be Mary Jo Kopechne, only 300 pounds heavier.
The "duck" in "duck tour" comes from the military designation "DUKW" that was assigned to these amphibious landing vehicles built by GM. Sandy Candy doesn't know that because she learns all she needs to know from FOX News.
by Cap Hathaway January 01, 2008
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