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This is what you say to a person that annoise you or a female that pisses you off in public.

Swap the first "d" around with the "s" and you get "suck ma dick". If you want to tell the person (while standing in public) to suck your dick and want to disguise what you say,
you tell them: "Duck my Sick!"
karisha:boi i want munny
Jammal:B*tch shut up
Karisha:ni**a f**k u
Jammal:B*tch duck ma sick
(Jammal walks off...)
(Public is buffled at what you have just told Karisha to do)
#buffled #boi #gimme #muny #fuck #u #dick #suck #piss #pisses
by Masta Def September 24, 2006
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