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Duck eyes is a look that appears in many up-close, posed, self-taken photos that are often seen on social networks such as facebook. Similar to Duck Face (look it up), Duck Eyes are targeted at the viewer of the picture by being fixed right on the camera and are meant to convey a suggestive, curious, provocative expression. Duck eyes is often accomplished by a girl widely opening her eyes to seem cute or very interested in the viewer. However, the message it really conveys is that the girl is either a retarded anime character or just incredibly easy, both of which make the picture much less attractive than any more genuine picture.
A: Dude, check this girl's profile picture out, she's so hot.

B: Eww, she's got duck eyes in that pic, total turnoff.

A: What, you don't think she's hot!?

B: I'm just saying, in that picture she looks like an easy girl, trying to seem innocent and cute, and its totally transparent. Either that, or this was taken after she got something in her eyes and it hurt to blink.
by PapaMoose December 14, 2010
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