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Any paraphernalia having to do with smoking weed, for example this includes pipes, papers, lighters, ash trays, hookahs, bongs, grinders, filters, bubblers, apples, vaporizers, storage containers.
What kind of dubbage you rolling with?
...pass that dubbage over here...
by Boom-Boom bhb February 24, 2009
The dried flowers and leaves from the Cannabis plant. The active chemical in marijuana is THC, which can unfortunately be detected in the urine up to several weeks after use.
Dude, David was just out on the back porch smokin' dubbage, now he is eating all of our pizza.
by Pete Dick November 24, 2007
A score of twenty points in dominoes.
Gimme dubbage on that dawg!
by Mike Gee December 12, 2007