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A great site full of cool people that love to chat. Everyone there is incredibly nice. The moderators are understanding, but won't tolerate trouble makers. The site has been though a lot, and is still standing strong.
John: Hello, I'm new!
Matt: Welcome to dsiplaza! Have fun. :)
Jill: Nice to meet you.
Fred: If you need help with anything, just ask! :D
by wert1122 December 28, 2011
A Nintendo DSi website, Created by a guy who doesn't know how to run the website, were you can basicly do anything you want without getting banned
Maccoy: "Hey wanna go Spam and Flam DSiPlaza?"
Matt: "Yeah, Think we'd get banned?"
Maccoy: "Nope, You Wont"
by FireMatt12 May 08, 2011
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