Top Definition
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): plural dry smash her shit box·es
Etymology: "Off Topic Discussion" subforum of the internet forum "Shroomery"
Date: 2000s

: Intercourse involving penetration of the anus by the penis without the aid of lubrication : Anal
Gnubobo asks, "Wondering about how things might go with this chick...but she has a kid.
I instinct is telling me to keep my photon lasers locked on bar sluts. But I just don't know."

"dry smash her shit box

And tell the kid what a slut his mother is, and thats why he doesn't have a father," replies BigsWang.
by Kieran King December 28, 2007
To fuck a girl in the ass, with no lubrication.
This new girl I'm fucking wont leave me alone, and shes really annoying, what do ya think I should do?

Dry smash her shitbox!
by baho May 28, 2008
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