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A grave. To put someone in a dry spot is to kill them.
"Feel these hot rocks fellas, put you in a dry spot fellas, in a pine box with nine shots from my glock fellas." -Nas, "Ether"

Chaz: "Oh, oh, oh!" *SPLAT!*
Ashley: "Dammit Chaz, you missed and got it all over my face and the bed again."
Chaz: "Oops, my bad. Good night." *rolls over to sleep*
Ashley: "What? Get your ass up! I'm not sleeping in the wet spot over here!"
Chaz: "Hey, it's better than sleeping in a dry I right?"
Ashley: "Well yeah, but-"
Chaz: "Trying to sleep over here, woman! Pipe down!"
by Nicholas D January 04, 2011
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