a defiant, arrogant, and/or aggressive state of mind achieved during inebriation in an otherwise cool and collected individual.

Naw, he's chill. Just after a coupla 40's my man's got a bad drunkitude
by Terrence H December 08, 2006
Top Definition
1. Annoying, cocky, aggressive, sarcastic, crazy or otherwise abnormal/different attitude or personality displayed by someone only when they are drunk or under the influence of alcohol
If a person who could normally be described as kind, funny/witty and smart becomes a sarcastic, insulting, rude, foul - mouthed bitch, while drinking alcohol.....the bitch has a drunkitude !

A usually quiet, laid back, and/or somewhat shy person becomes a loud, over-talkative windbag almost immediately upon consuming alcohol....has a drunkitude or a drunkonality as opposed to their personality.
by ValeriKCkixass February 21, 2010
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