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Cops who drink on the job; Cops who pull you over for DUI and THEY've been drinking; Drunken bully police
The University of Nevada, Reno Police Department contains drunkin donuts. One drunkin donut was demoted to patrol officer in 2004 after being arrested for driving drunk in a police vehicle. In October 2006, he was promoted to lieutenant.

Google: unrpd drunk Lt. fired
by CardnlSyn March 08, 2008
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the sugar comma that comes shortly after eating a large amount of donuts
we were drunkin donuts after the krispy kreme adventure
by Rick sfsgJames March 17, 2008
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A group of intoxicated women who've arrived at a bar looking for action.
Dude! Check out that pack of Drunkin' Donuts at the door. I bet we could totally score with one of them.
by SJ@24 June 25, 2010
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