The person of the party who always ends up doing the dumb things. Hits on people who dont want to be hit on etc.
Dirty Bandit says "Erica, I miss you!"
Monica says "My name is Monica."

later that night

Dirty Bandit exclaims to everyone else that "Monica was not fat, if anything she was more retarded then fat. She was more retarded then fat okay guys."

Us "God, what a drunken fool"
by Big Country Tim August 21, 2008
Top Definition
someone who is intoxicated to the point of no return. consistantly making an ass of out him/herself. random hook-ups and drunk dailing/texting often occur.
girls named but not limited to, Candace and Ashley. "candace, you are a drunken fool."

Having sex with your brothers friends.

Having sex in a bands van when boyfriend is watching.
by Rensayys September 29, 2008
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