When your drunk and hungry! You are DRUNGRY
Dude, im drunk and hungry! Shit fool your drungry.
by Danimal the Animal December 26, 2005
Top Definition
The state of being both very drunk and very hungry.
Kris was so drungry, while waiting for his sandwich to be made at the deli, he ordered another sandwich because he forgot that he had already ordered a sandwich and couldn't figure out what he was standing around waiting for.
by Birthday Who-er April 27, 2009
The state of being drunk and hungry. This occurs during the convergence of hunger and drunkeness after consuming mass quantities of alcohol.
As Pam, Jessica, and Enrique stumbled out of the Market Street Bar Enrique yelled, "I'm drunk, bitches!" Jessica made the statement that she "could eat some Fifth Star Pizza" and Enrique lazily interjected, "I'm hungry too, bitches. Let's get some." Pam helping her friends off the sidewalk stated, "You're both drungry! I'll call David and have him order pizza and bring it to the house."
by Shidog July 07, 2006
It means after a long night of bar hopping,you generally don't care what you eat...Pizza,Tacos, dumpsterd donunts, a live cat...whatever you can get your grimy mits on. You're Drungy,my friend.
Dude, we went to Common Grounds,Durty Nellys, and the Atlantic,and I'm drungry! Let's go to Flacos and eat everything they have left! oooh and some street cart hotdogs too!
by ZoooL666 February 22, 2011
That insatiable hunger craving you get when you're hammered.

Usually at peak level within 10-15mins after leaving the bar.
"Man let's...let's hit the McDonalds drive-thru. I'm starving."

"No you're not dude, you're just drungry."
by Work Sucks December 16, 2009
When you are drunk and become uncontrollably hungry and have to eat.
"Not again! Mitch came home Drungry and ate my whole roast chicken and a bowl of salad from the fridge"
by Zigwaa May 14, 2009
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