A smell given off by a particulary crappy and ugly drummer. Smells of roadkill, skidmarks, and hippies. Also faintly smells of cyanide. The smell cannot be stopped. The best course of action in this situation is to shag-ass outta where-ever the drummer is located. Drum Funk is also when a drummer is sucking of titanic proportions.
"The dudes drum funk was so bad, i had to dip away to keep from fainting!"
by catspajamas [ecb] June 17, 2008
Top Definition
Drumfunk is a sub-genre of Drum 'n' Bass. Artists that make drumfunk include Breakage, Paradox, Seba, Fanu, Macc, Equinox and Chris Inperspective.
"lets catch the drumfunk set in room 2"

"macc's playing drumfunk live"
by Robert Goulds July 01, 2006
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