Top Definition
1 : to beat severely
2 : to abuse with words
3 : to defeat decisively
Don't make me drub you.
by Bob December 31, 2004
The act of rubbing another man and/or woman's penis. Usually with the end result of creating extreme pleasure.
Dude1: "I'm really stressed out."
Dude2: "Sorry man, would a D-Rub make it better?"
by Michael Escales January 25, 2006
A visible booger that protrudes from the nose of a drunken old woman. see: your mom
I wouldn't show my face in public if I had a drub like that.
by dwiezzel February 22, 2005
when a blackman rapes a whiteman, or when a whiteman rapes a blackman. Only goes for guys.
A yo, this muthafucka is a fuckin drub holmes fo real. Muthafuckin Jamal just raped Billy whatta faggot...
by Re-Spawned February 22, 2004
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