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To spit flawless/unbreakable flows/lyrics on the mike.
When B. Rabbit dropped bombs on all the brothas in the freestyle battle in "8 Mile", he showed them that whiteys could be good for something other than target practice.
by Nick D August 16, 2004
To ingest the drug Ecstasy, also known as MDMA.
We should drop bombs in class. Two caps of Ecstacy, good shit Nigga.
by C Fish555 May 13, 2010
a sports phrase used to describe certain feats of accomplishment on the playing field. Can be used to describe the making of a 3 pointer in basketball, hitting a home run in baseball, or spiking a volleyball.
is jordan farmar playing in tomorrows game ?
if so, he will drop bombs on those jive turkeys.
by rer mukherjer December 26, 2008
going #2, taking a deuce, sitting on the porcelain taking a get the idea
I gotta drop bombs. Either get out of the bathroom, or I'm gonna drop 'em in your hallway.
by ricky roma October 10, 2003
To throw down,open a can of whopass,more commenly,kick someones ass
dont make me drop bombs
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
To take a shit. Implies a large quantity of waste that has to be released, and waste of large size.

Likely of East Coast origin.
1. Looks like that peptobismal didn't work, i'm gonna have to go drop some bombs.
by dinyctis June 09, 2004
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