Excusing oneself to go and take a dump. Going for a poo or poos. Having a crap
"wait a sec, I've just got to drop the kids off"
"Where's Steve? Oh he's dropping the kids off"
by hussas12 August 12, 2009
Top Definition
taking a shit also refered to as "dropping the kids off".
boss:why were you late john? john:sorry sir i had to drop the kids off. boss:you don't have kids though john. john:you've got to be the stupidest guy i've ever met you dumbass.!
by bobby faget September 21, 2005
v. Derivitive of American expression for taking a shit, i.e. 'Dropping the Cosby Kids off at the pool' Relating to color of both.
I was late clocking in for work b-cuz I had to drop the Cosby Kids off at te pool.
by spmatsdoof4zuggin June 11, 2003
Take a #2
After eating all that Mexican food, I had to go drop the kids off.
by Vijay June 10, 2003
When you dont want to say i have to poop or take a dump
Hey, i'll be right back, I gotta drop the kids off and they are in a hurry!
by slingerboy July 30, 2008
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