To vomit kneeling in front of the bowl of a toilette. Because you are holding the bowl with your hands, it looks like you are driving a bus.
Oh my gosh, Mary-Jane was driving the bus last night!
by Doppelstern April 08, 2009
Being in charge of a project or planned activity, whether work related or not.
WORK: “We need to all be on the same page with this project, so we need a good outline and a game plan.”
“What are you expecting me to do? You’re driving the bus!”

FREE TIME:“Hey, when are we meeting at the theater and which movie are we seeing?”
“Shoot, man, ask John. He’s driving the bus.”
by Nurse Kitten August 31, 2005
When it is your turn to drive the carpool to work, school, sporting events, ect.
This is the week I am driving the bus to work so I know we will be on time for a change.
by Delow August 30, 2005
In the act of selling drugs, you end up driving around to several different places for very little profit.
"I'm driving the bus at this point since I've driven to Egypt and back all for a funky $20 profit!"
by MP$40 August 30, 2005
Being conscious or being in control of one's self.
Did you see that glazed look in her eye? She's not driving the bus!
by Henwen August 31, 2005
To be draped over a toilet ridding yourself of the last several hours of food and drink consumption.Name comes from the image of a person kneeling in front of a bowl, with arms draped around the rim, and head focused down in the vomit position, similar looking to a bus driver leaning forward with his/her arms draped around the rim of the steering wheel.
After a long night of tequila shots, Fred was driving the bus until 4 A.M.
by Bub Soda, kudos to Czyzyciewcz August 30, 2005
the act of hurlage. Vomiting.

"Wow, was I ever driving the bus last night after that 5th Long Island Iced Tea"
by Zanner August 30, 2005
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