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Attempting to access unsecured wireless networks whilst driving slowly through residential neighbourhoods
1. Peter gets very annoyed when he spends time at his parent's home where there is no internet access. He has to check email by drive-by wi-fi.

2. "Honey, I've been monitoring usage of our wireless broadband and it seems... WE'VE HAD A BL**DY DRIVE-BY WI-FI!!!"
by germie February 21, 2007
When your cheap neighbors try to get on your wireless internet connection thus slowing said connection for those who own the line. Also, the act of pulling into the parking lot of a Panera or other wifi hot spot and jumping on to check your email or tend to surfing needs

Man my internet is slow today....Could be another drive by wi fi. I am going to have to put a password on my connection so these cheap bastards don't keep stealing my cyberspace
by cdolby June 12, 2007
This occurs when a person is stranded on a lonely figurative island of desperation by being disconnected from the internet and walks by a free wifi area (restaurant, home, cafe, etc...), and nonchalantly stands outside and mooches the wifi signal.
Ah sorry I'm late man, my internet is down again. I totally had to drive-by wifi that Cosi on the way over here.
by badassbootydrop July 06, 2010
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