A tactic if you're not particularly attractive or popular which is to go for unpopular yet attractive girls

*WARNING* attractive yet unpopular girls can have the following preexisting conditions
1. emoness
2. gothness
5. acctually having a penis
6. stds
7. loose vaginas
8.tiny tittys
10.want for marrage
11. aids
12. actually having a penis
13. smoking
14. slutyness
15. racist parents
17. stupidity
18.actually having a penis
19. being a prostitute
20. not having a car
21. bad past
22.bad credit
23.being a crack hoe
24. actually having a penis
God that girl is sooo goth but DAMN those tittys are great I'm gonna try drinking the dregs.
by The Medic Will Buttrape You! August 19, 2009
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