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A person who drinks excessively and is often viewed as having a drinking problem. Such a person is highly sought after for parties and the like in order to better create a raucous time. Despite the amount of alcohol consumed he or she will maintain a good-natured and fun-loving attitude. Due to this ability the drink monkey is essentially a master entertainer but can also feel rather used for it. Party invitations can become burdensome to the drink monkey.

A drink monkey sometimes loses sight of maintaining bodily functions such as sleeping and eating. He or she might even schedule back-to-back trips allowing for no recovery time. It is common for drink monkeys to never see the light of day for days at a time and/or to regularly have an alarm set past 6 PM. Drink monkeys often struggle to adhere to normal standards of responsibility. He or she commonly faces the question, "Why are you drinking so much?". A drink monkey has a knack for avoiding and minimizing stress of any kind.

Drink monkeys are well loved for their ability to create a good time, a positive environment, and most importantly, to drink anyone under the table.
Who plans a trip to Ocean City immediately before a trip to Vegas? That guy is such a drink monkey.

A common drink monkey phrase: "I'll do one."
by bumptious boo September 16, 2011
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