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a schools cheap alternative to uniforms, because even though they make u wear no jeans and collared shirts, everyones still acts even dumber than they have before.
our school has no logic at all. first they eliminate half days, then they waste their millage money on a tennis court that they dont even need they replace all of the good carbonated drinks with faygo, and now a complicated dress code that isnt gonna change our test scores or behavior. we're better off with uniforms (but our school also does not know how to manage money correctly)
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 27, 2005
A school's way of forcing students to dress to:
1. reduce the risk of teachers getting the urge to molest them.
2. reduce the number of ugly butt-cheek exposures.
*Students talking* Dude, did you hear Suzie got raped by Mr. Smith?
Principal: Oh gosh darn it, I hear she wasn't in dress code again.
by whatwhatwhat77 March 04, 2012
Guys dress code for a strip club, Halloween, or Las Vegas:
1. Pants
2. Wallet containing cash

Girls dress code for a strip club, Halloween, or Las Vegas:
1. Heels
2. short skirt (no panties)
3. Top showing excessive cleavage

Girls dress code when greater than 200lbs:
1. GIANT burlap sack.
2. Flower print Moo-Moo
Door Guy: "Excuse me Ma'am, but we have a policy at this club that does not permit chicks as hot as you to enter while wearing dress slacks, It is against our dress code. Please go home and either change into something slutty OR become 40 years older. Your fat friend my enter but only if she puts on a giant burlap sack to disguise her as a mountain of potatoes, we do not want to scare the other patrons. You may purchase a burlap sack from us for $15"
by David From Austin September 10, 2007
an increadably stupid thing that the mid-drift natzis at snohomish high school have made up giving us an hour after school detention if we happen to(god forbid
)bare a centimeter of skin in the mid-drift region of the body
"why are you wearing that huge white shirt that says dresscode violater?" "because the principal is a douche bag that doesnt know how to dress!"
by MarleyChik October 05, 2004
What bouncers or doormen say when they do not want you in the club
ugly fat red neck (male or female) tries to get in the club.
I am sorry but we have a dress code
by ccdubskwad January 16, 2012
Cleavage, aka"Dresscode Violation" When you see a girl with extreme cleavage you yell dresscode.
You should cover up that dresscode.
by Vee Sleezy June 05, 2007
When someone dress nice, they alway dress good r most times they be dressin good, alway matchin alway look clean
Dayum that nigga got a dress code
by pimptressk August 04, 2005
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