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When a man concentrates on a vivid imagination or 'daydreams' about a celebrity or person he knows performing oral sex on him to the point that he actually ejaculates in his pants without any physical stimulation.
"Roberto was embarrassed when he had a dreamsicle at work thinking about Bea Arthur."
by Bayemon May 30, 2008
To place one's genitals all over the face of another
Last night my boyfriend was feeling generous and gave me a "Dreamsicle"
by TheMiTy January 18, 2012
Adjective; a hybrid of popsicle and dream as both are fabulous. Often used when describing something whimsicle and previously thought impossible
Walking under the streetlamps at midnight,while hearing the calls of other worlds --it was just the most dreamsicle of eves.
by Alissa G. December 13, 2004
The act of eating your favorite iced treat (ie: ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, or sorbet) off your lover's skin while simultaneously having sex. The cold will cause vaginal and/or anal muscles to uncontrollably contract to increase your pleasure. Best of all, your taste buds also become satisfied.
Sexyrican: Hey girl, can I have a dreamsicle?
Lucy Suzy: Sure anything you want.
Sexyrican: Oh yeah, girl you've never been this tight.
Lucy suzy: Well I'm cold, are you almost done.
Sexyrican: Been done, just let me finish this spumoni.
by Sexyrican October 09, 2013
a creamy, satisfying dream; not to be confused with wet dreams.
"So follow your delicious dreamsicles wherever they make take you." -Justin James Hughes
by someguyfromtheweb July 11, 2012
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