Some one who wears dread locks.
That jamaican is a dread head.
by Black Fascist Hater October 30, 2012
Top Definition
1. A person with dreadlocks
2. A fan of Jason Castro, a contestant on Season 7 of American Idol.
Normally I'm not a dreadhead, but even I voted for Jason after "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
by Vickser May 01, 2008
1. Somebody with dreads
2. the name of a brand that sells dread products/accessories
1. You see the dreads on that dread head?
All dread heads ain't from jamaica
2. I got some new dread head shampoo for my hair
by Mic Check August 30, 2005
The Hard-core Fanbase of Jason Castro The Fourth Place Contestant of the Seventh Season of American Idol named after Castro's flowing Dreadlocks. The Dreadhead's Reside at daydreamingboy as well as jasoncastromusic

They First Came To Be at the American Idol Forums and were Quickly Recognized as the kindest, most organized fan base of any of the contestants. They have showered Jason with many gifts, that not one of them could have given him alone. They work together to ensure Jason has a good career ahead of him and will never give up on their number one Dreadhead! Come Join Us!

Man: "Honey, Are you gonna come to bed?"

Woman: "Not Yet, I'm talking with the Dreadheads on the Forum! and I'm not done Voting For Jason!"

Man: "Ughhhhh"
by analiseee August 30, 2008
A thug with dreadlocks. Dreadheads are generally aggressive and territorial.
"Man i told you we shouldn't have gone through the 200 block, it's full of dreadheads! We're sure to get mugged
by Kyle Keefer March 12, 2008
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