An abbreviation used for noob online clans who think they are pro.
DARKLIQUID: team/ man we just got dicked on wtf guys
XRAYKARMA: team/ stfu man we own, just lag
XRAYKARMA: all/ u sloths we own u gfg
XxHiTxMaNxJaYxX all/ y u below me? DrD sloth clan kk
by Hoolay88 July 06, 2010
Top Definition
Dennis Rodman Disease which stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease which stands for the gift that keeps on giving.
Watch out for that deuche, he has drd.
by neilstarks March 05, 2010
Disease Ridden Dick
Jane: Ew. Did you know Matt has drd?

Sarah: No, what's drd?
Jane: Disease Ridden Dick
by fattits69 January 04, 2015
Possibly the greatest guitar player ever to set foot or finger inside LVPA. Besides Colin Wolf. D has won about a trillion awards for all kinds of nice stuff. Some people try to cause him trouble, but everyone is too afraid to ask questions. Seriously. Have you seen this man walk down the hall? oh snap is correct!

We're currently working on a new line of Dr. D talking bobble heads.
''When I grow up, I want to be Dr. D'' -bassplayer
by 6-2-5-1 July 17, 2010
A northern NJ science teacher who has random outbursts of various words and definitions. It is still unexplainable why he does this, but it makes class a shit load more fun cause every second, someone is making a joke about him or doing an impersonation. Making fun of him may include: doing his facial expressions, emphasizing everything he says, or just laughing because of the hilariousness. He is famous for interrupting a student trying to answer a question, and thats where it all began.
Dr. D-"what was in the bottle?"
Dr. D (as the student is saying it)-"AIR!!!!!!"

Dr. D-"You gotta ROUND IT!!!"

Dr. D (referring to everyone talking in class)-"GRRRR!!!! *hand movements like hes gonna kill someone*"
by Randolph high school kid October 05, 2010
a funny name for saying douchebag.
Look at that Dr. D, hes a racist.
by hax pex May 06, 2008
a funny name for saying douchebag.
Haha look at that Dr. D, hes a racist.
by hax pex May 06, 2008
Date Rape Drug

Date rape drug refers to any drug that can be used to assist in the commission of a sexual assault (date rape).

The term "date rape drug" originated in journalism and has no strict scientific or legal definition, because a wide variety of substances can be used to incapacitate a person, and all of them have sometimes been taken willingly by people in other situations. Drugs used to facilitate rape may have sedative, hypnotic, dissociative, and/or amnesiac effects, and may be added to a food or drink without the victim's knowledge.
I was at a local club last night and the bouncer on the door was giving a statement to the Police after finding some DRD's on a young man trying to enter the club.
by Butter! July 23, 2009

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