A girl who is very bored and therefore causes completely unnecessary drama to keep things interesting. I learned from my little sister. It is strange cause I have never experienced this amount girls. I guess they don't do it to guys, just like guys don't say "fuck you you fuck" to girls like we say to each other
Drama Queen: OMG. Amy is dating Kyle. I CANNOT be friends with her. I dated Kyle four years ago.
by the funny one July 30, 2016
Someone (male or female, young or old) who deliberately over exaggerates unimportant, small and uninteresting incidents to bring attention to themselves. These creatures struggle with functioning on an even keel, always having to create an overblown situation out of literally.....nothing. They are usually highly strung, high maintenance and genuinely believe the world revolves around them. They will often talk over others, talk louder than everyone else and dominate the conversation. They can be aggressive and spoilt and exhausting to be around for more than a short period of time. They're usually at the centre of arguments (because if they're bored they create them), and are quick to belittle others, making fun of their lives to make their own sound more exciting. How to recognise a drama queen in a crowd: the one at the centre of any drama, shouting, squealing, fainting or punching.
"Oh my God, my life is RUINED!" (The shoes I bought don't fit)
"That girl is the BIGGEST bitch ever!" (That girl didn't laugh at my jokes and has a mind of her own)
"im going to kill myself!" (I feel a bit low/hungover/neglected/sad today)
"I have literally just burned my house down!" (I burned my toast)
"OMG, I just got run over!" (I walked into a parked car)
"literally the WHOLE world is against me!" (Everyone is so tired of my drama that they're starting to turn away from me).
by Shakespeares July 22, 2015
A woman, who panics and feels miserable if she doesn't get sex immediately, when she wants. Antonym: a paragliding pilot, who knows that thermals come and go, and after a missed opportunity there will be plenty of others to grasp.
Linda is a real drama queen, threw a big tantrum after I turned to the wall after a few strokes.
by HomerGyula March 24, 2016
Girl who constantly annoys the hell out of you. No matter what you do this type of girl will yell/whine/cry/shout/ basically do anything to get you to do what she wants. Always whining about her grades even though she is better than everyone. Complains about everything in sight. Threatens you if you do anything against her will. JUDO EXPERT. Sometimes she is nice and a beautaaaaay but other than that she can give you one hell of a headache.
My best friend Kinjal Mehta is the Queen of all Drama Queens.
by Faisal Ahmed October 28, 2010
Derived from " Garima Tiwari" , it means someone who does excess drama for no rhyme or reason
Oh my God, Gary is such a Drama Queen
by jackass143143 December 28, 2014
You would think its a female but its not. This polka dot is male 😮 yes he has a penis, or so we believe. Who know he may be a woman for all we know judging by the level to which he thrives on drama. Serious issues. Like brain transplant worthy.

Drama llama I'd have to say
by love_maiden July 24, 2014
A relative who makes who such a big deal out of someting so trivial. Most likely to claim persecutorial syndrome and lashing out on other relatives.
My friend's aunt is such a fucking drama queen since being turned down for a loan!
by Cat44AZ88Anisette July 09, 2009
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