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Basically, bingo hosted by gay and cross-dressing men.

The drag queen bingo phenomenon started in Seattle in the 90s when an AIDS support organization hit upon the idea to use it as a fundraiser. The idea enjoyed wild success, and is now much more commonly a commercial endeavor hosted by urban nightclubs on otherwise slow weeknights.

Bingo players can expect a lot of humorous banter and innuendo from the hosts, mostly of a sexual nature. This isn't your grandma's bingo. No one is safe, and players should come expecting to be made fun of at least once.
1: Dude me and the gf went to drag queen bingo downtown last night, it was the funniest shit.

2: Yeah? you win anything?

1: Almost won a couple times. but it was still pretty fun.
by sotaskimmer December 15, 2009

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