-short for Doctor Funkenstein "king of the Funk" a humourous funk song by Parliament Funkadelic.

- One who knows funk and can cure whats hurting you with it.
I was feeling down but my friend played some Dr Funkenstein! and cured my troubles! he's the real Dr Funk!
by j-la December 20, 2004
Top Definition
To be drunk. To have your doctorate in funk.

Originated from being unable to type while drunk.
-Whooooo, I'm dr.funk!!
--You got your doctorate in funk?
-Hells yes, I'm Dr. Funk!
#drinking #drunk #funk #doctorate #doctor funk
by 403forbidden November 09, 2007
A pretty strange guy.
This guy kinda reminds me of DrFunk.
by Psi December 04, 2003
If you don't like the stuff he does, you're a fag...
You: Hi, I like llamas. DrFunk: Llamas suck so you suck. *witty remark!!*
by MrDrSir July 26, 2004
Someone who makes broad, generic, unfunny generalizations and insults.
"RPGs are not real games, loser."
"Anime sucks you japfags."
by Better Than DrFunk December 31, 2003
Who the hell is The Real DeathJester? I never posted that :/
Hey DrFunk, sorry for spamming your dictionary entry. OH WAIT NO YOU SUCK.
by DeathJester, you mooks :/ December 05, 2003
A lamer.
You, Mr Lamer, are SUCH a DrFunk.
by DeathJester March 24, 2003
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